Eve Voyevoda

Eve Voyevoda

Founder of Brand + Photo School

Hi, I’m Eve Voevoda, founder of Brand + Photo School — The brand agency that magically fits in your pocket. I’ve been in advertising and branding industry for over 17 years. Some time ago I was teaching a top manager of an international company the basics of branding, and it struck me: “I can always help few employees for big money, or I can really make a difference”. Ever since I have wanted to open an online school for entrepreneurs so that they can apply the same methods that huge companies use to build multi-million dollar brands.

Here is the school that has enough of material to develop the visual communication for your business, successful brand, and a legacy.

I also share with you the 9 steps method that always works for my clients. You can now create your new brand from scratch even if you do it all by yourself.

I know that many teachers online have told you that branding, website, design and logo are not important. But look at their sites and the designs they share. There are always people with a bad taste, they are often very confident about what they wear and speak, but you don’t need to be like them. As far as I know myself and most of my brilliant, successful friends are like: “Don’t make me laugh, they make money and couldn’t find a good designer? Really?”

Ugly gremlins always want you to look bad because it makes them feel better, they hate the sunshine, you know.

Good design and excellent quality of your advertising materials are like hygiene for your reputation. It indicates what and how you deliver. It also creates a trust factor and creates a brand promise so that people can believe in your message, recommend your brand so that you can build a thriving business and a legacy that even your grandchildren will be proud of.